Well,  I know it’s tempting.  Sometimes you’re a little hungry?  Sometimes just miss regular food, craving bread, sweets, anything and it’s just so tempting to think “Just this once” or “a few won’t hurt me”  WRONG!  This is one diet on the planet where you absolutely cannot or should not cheat.  Now I know there are people out there blogging or posting about how to cheat successfully (shame on them)  but the fact is a single peanut taking while on the low calorie HCG phase can totally mess up your weight loss, cause you to balloon up 3-5 pounds, or throw off your stabilizing on P3 (eating sugar and starch)  So I’m putting together a few suggestions on how to avoid cheating on the HCG diet.

1.  Space out your meals and have a snack ready (Your fruit, some raw celery sticks etc).  Try saving that second fruit serving for the evening if you get the munchies late at night.  If you crave sweets, try a little milk chocolate stevia on your strawberries or make my “Caramel Apple Pie”  A recipe from my cookbook  Totally tasty.

2.  Drink extra water.  Add some squeezed lemon and a little stevia.  So good for you.

3.  Journal all the reasons why you want to lose weight.  Remembering why you chose to lose the weight in the first place can really help you.  For your family?  Your kids?, your health?  Looking good?  Buying gorgeous clothes?  REMEMBER!

4.  Think about the end result.  Visualize yourself at your goal weight, playing with your kids, buying that bikini.  Finding a reason to stick it out is critical to making it happen.

5.  Make some hot tea.  A nice cup of herbal tea, oolong, or yerba mate with some stevia for sweetness or lemon can really take the edge off.

6.  Take a walk.  A brisk walk around the block will help you clear your head and redirect your thoughts back on to the program.

7.  Get your family and friends on board.  Many times people cheat because they are confronted with temptation by family and friends.  Try to get your family and friends to be supportive and ask them kindly not to wave donuts under your nose or try to sabotage your diet efforts.

8.  Join a support group.  Having people to support you on the journey and who are going through what you are going through can really help you hold to your resolve.

9.  Most of all, remember that this is a temporary diet and the results are long lasting.  You will not be on this diet forever.  You will eat normal food and calories again.  Focus on the delayed gratification right now and think about how healthy and attractive you will be, the smaller clothes you will buy later, and stick with the plan.  I promise you it will all be worth it.