Okay,  so you’ve decided to do the HCG diet.  How strange that this “diet” starts with two days of massive amounts of food.  So, you may ask, how much is enough?  What kinds of foods should I eat?  Do I really have to do this?  Why do I have to do this?  Well, the answer is… Yes, you have to do this.  The reason it’s so important is that eating high fat/high caloric foods for the first two days on the HCG allows the hcg to start circulating and burning fat, loading helps prepare the body so you won’t be hungry when you start the low calorie phase of the diet.  The important thing to remember is to think high fat.  More important than carbs or protein, or anything else you should focus on high fat foods.

So, what kinds of food to eat?  Well, I say there are two ways to look at loading.  Being a health conscious person, much more so than when I first did the diet, there is a healthy way to do it.  So the first and healthiest way to load is to focus on foods like high fat nuts (Walnuts, almonds) oils like coconut oil, olive oil, real buter etc, high fat meats and proteins, avocado, cream, high fat cheeses.

The second way to do loading is what I call the “Say Goodbye” load.  This is the load where you pretty much eat anything and everything you have ever loved, craved, or overindulged with in the past.  I call it the say goodbye loading method because in order to maintain successfully after the diet it is important to eliminate or minimize certain foods and make certain lifestyle changes.  Not that you can’t enjoy the foods you love once in a while but if you go back to eating fast food, cookies and sugary sodas you will override your new higher metabolism and regain the weight in time.  The HCG Diet is the perfect opportunity to detox from those foods.  So, for this loading strategy you could consider all the french fries, fast food, double cheese pizza, super rich chocolate, chocolate shakes, creme brulee, cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting, chips, deep fried foods, macaroni and cheese and other high fat comfort foods.

I know it sounds weird to eat high fat foods as part of a diet but it really is necessary.  By the way, eat more than you think you can.  Don’t hold back.  When I did my own, personal loading, I pretty much made sure I was at home, well prepared with the refrigerator stocked with high fat food and pretty much didn’t stop eating all day long.  Loading is actually uncomfortable but it is necessary.  You may find that you are having a really hard time getting enough down.  Do your best and focus on high fat content foods.  If you load properly for the first two days, you should have little to no hunger at all once you start the low calorie diet.