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HCG Shrimp Recipe with Black pepper

Black Pepper Shrimp Recipe for Phase 2 HCG Shrimp Recipes

HCG Shrimp Recipes for Phase 2 Black Pepper Shrimp Looking for delicious HCG Shrimp recipes for HCG Phase 2?  Try this delicious Black Pepper Shrimp Recipe featured in the HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook Vol. 1.  I love the taste of freshly ground black pepper and REALLY LOVE the taste of shrimp.  This tasty HCG Shrimp […]

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HCG Diet Water Recipe cucumber mint lemon lime in glass

HCG Diet Water Recipes for the HCG Phase 2 and Phase 3

Getting plenty of fresh, pure, water every day is an absolute necessity on the HCG Diet Phase 2.  As you release up to a pound a day on the low calorie HCG Phase 2 you need water to effectively flush and cleanse your body of waste products from the fat burning process and rehydrate the […]

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Stevia Lemonade Recipe HCG Phase 2 Glass of Stevia Lemonade with lemon slice in glass

Refreshing Stevia Lemonade Recipe HCG Phase 2 and 3

Stevia Lemonade Recipe for HCG Diet Phase 2 and 3 One of the best ways to keep hydrated, refreshed  and on track with your weight loss on the HCG Diet Phase 2 is to drink a lot of water throughout the day.  Drinking a lot of water on Phase 2 helps to flush the fat and toxins […]

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