HCG Diet FAQ and Commonly Asked Questions

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HCG Diet FAQ and Questions


What is the HCG Diet?

The HCG Diet is a medical diet using low doses of HCG in combination with a low fat 500 calorie per day diet for a period of 23-43 days followed by a three week period of “No Starch/No Sugar” stabilizing phase. After the HCG Diet, the dieter can expect to have an improved metabolism and maintain weight more easily than after a traditional low calorie diet and expect weight loss of up to a pound a day on average.

What is HCG?

HCG is a substance called Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a common and natural prescribed fertility medication. HCG occurs naturally in the body during pregnancy in very high levels (10,000 iu’s or more). The amounts taken daily while on the HCG are 125-200 iu so it is a very low dose. It is commonly taken for the HCG Diet as a daily injection or a twice daily sublingual dose under the tongue.

Is the HCG Diet safe?

Although the HCG Diet has not been officially approved for weight loss by the FDA, the HCG Diet has worked successfully for 1000’s of people with little to no side effects reported. It is always recommended that you follow the advice or be monitored by a healthcare professional especially if you are on medications or have any major health concerns. I suggest finding an HCG Diet physician that understands the science behind the diet and how it works to improve metabolism and combat obesity. The 500 calorie “HCG Phase” (also known as Phase 2 or P2) is only for a period of 23 or 43 days and to my knowledge no harmful effects have been observed from participating in the diet for that length of time.

How Much Will I Lose?

People have reported weight loss of up to a pound a day or more on the HCG diet. Women lose an average of 1/2 pound per day and men lose more. Results may vary depending on how much there is to lose.

Why Does the hCG Diet allow only 500 Calories a Day?

Dr. Simeons theorized that eating 500 calories a day allowed the HCG to remove “abnormal fat stores” from the body while resetting the hypothalamus gland which controls the endocrine functions of the body. The thyroid, pituitary, and other glands that control hormone production, sugar metabolism and many other bodily functions are controlled by the hypothalamus.  For most healthy adults under the care of a physician, the hCG Diet is an option.  It is important to discuss your weight loss experience with your doctor and rule out any health concerns prior to beginning the program.

What Foods Can I Eat on the hCG Diet?

Please see the About the HCG Diet page on this website for a breakdown of the foods allowed on the HDG Diet. Dr. Simeons tested a very specific list of foods allowed on the HCG Diet. He determined what foods work well with the HCG Diet protocol after many years of research working with 1000’s of overweight and obese patients. It is not recommended to deviate or substitute any of the allowed foods on the list for maximal weight loss.

How Long Should I Stay on the hCG Diet?

A minimum of 23 days on the HCG is required and a maximum of 43 days is recommended. Following the “HCG Phase” (also known as Phase 2 or P2) you must complete the diet with three full weeks observing a “no starch/no sugar” diet. After the diet is completed, you can resume phasing in carbohydrates back into your meals. It is not recommended to continue the “HCG Phase” longer than the recommended period to allow your body to receive a greater variety of nutrients, give the body a break, and the potential of developing “Immunity”.

What is Immunity to hCG?

Immunity is a condition described by Dr. Simeons in his book “Pounds and Inches, a new approach to obesity” as a time when the HCG stops working and a break from the HCG Diet Protocol is indicated. Symptoms of “Immunity” are weakness, fatigue, extreme hunger, and lightheadedness.

What is Fat Loading and Why is it Important?

For the first two days while taking the HCG, it is important to “Load” correctly by eating large amounts of very high fat foods. Foods like nuts, cheeses, fatty meats, oils and fats, cream, avocados, and other high fat foods you can have while loading. By “loading” with high fat foods, dieters find that there is little to no hunger once the restricted calorie “HCG Phase” begins. By the end of the two “loading” days, the HCG is circulating in the body and burning reserve fat stores for fuel and hunger should be minimal or nonexistent throughout the protocol.

Should I Continue to Take my Medications While on the hCG Diet?

Do NOT stop any medication without discussing it with your physician. Many people as they lose weight, may find, that they require lower doses of medications such as insulin, BP medication, etc. as they lose weight with the HCG Diet. Monitor how you feel throughout the diet and work closely with your physician as you go through the protocol to safely adjust your medication.

Who is Dr. A.T.W. Simeons?

Dr. A.T.W. Simeons is the original physician who developed and researched the HCG Diet Protocol in the 1950’s in Italy. His book, “Pounds and Inches; a new approach to obesity” details the way the HCG Diet changes the metabolism and offers instructions on the specific foods and methods to do the diet correctly.

Can I eat Eggs and Cheese on the Protocol?

Yes, you can occasionally have eggs (1 whole egg + 3 egg whites) or non fat cottage cheese as a protein substitution for the other proteins and as a vegetarian option. We do not suggest eating the cheese for every meal but you can enjoy it as an occasional treat 2-3 times per week. The milk sugars in the cheese can be particularly problematic for some dieters if eaten too frequently.

Can I use Make Up and Lotions on Phase 2 of the hCG Diet?

You can use powdered mineral makeup on Phase 2 as well as lipstick and powdered eye shadow.  Avoid make up that has oils or creams in it.  It is important to avoid all oil on the skin while on phase 2 of the HCG Diet protocol which includes most lotions. Occasionally , If you have severely dry skin or cracking, you can use small amounts of mineral oil as this kind of oil cannot be absorbed by the body. We also recommend aloe vera gel on the skin as a healthy alternative to oily lotions.


HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook  – New Products and Ordering FAQ


How can I buy a digital ebook version of your Cookbooks?

Both the HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are now available for iPad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony, and most other readers.  To order a digital ebook for your device click HERE

When will my books arrive after I place my order?

Your products will ship the following business day and delivery time may vary depending on the shipping method you chose. Free shipping can take 5-7 business days. Please note that international shipments can take significantly longer so please allow plenty of time for them to clear customs before sending in a support request.

Is your HCG Phase 3 Stabilization Cookbook Available yet?

The HCG Phase 3 cookbook is almost complete.  Until it is ready, feel free to check back here at www.HCGRecipes.com.  I will be posting new free recipes for Phase 3 regularly.  Also checkout my Pinterest boards for more free HCG Recipes for the HCG Phase 2 and 3


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