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HCG Diet Mom’s Advice – Getting Healthy and Feeding your Family Phase 3 and Beyond – Guest Post

By Lisa Klipfel, MA, Author of The HCG Diet Mom’s Handbook As a parent, you are constantly being bombarded with questions. Most of them start with, “Mom, can I have…”? It can be a very trying time when your children are young, impulsive and have not learned about delayed gratification (Especially as a dieting MOM […]

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Turn your HCG Phase 2 Diet Recipes into a Meal for the Whole Family

Cooking for your family while on the HCG Phase 2 of the HCG Diet can sure be a challenge sometimes. The meals can feel really limited and frankly a bit lonely. Of course, your family has different dietary needs than you do right now on the HCG Phase 2 and needs more food including a […]

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