Turn your HCG Phase 2 Diet Recipes into a Meal for the Whole Family

Cooking for your family while on the HCG Phase 2 of the HCG Diet can sure be a challenge sometimes. The meals can feel really limited and frankly a bit lonely. Of course, your family has different dietary needs than you do right now on the HCG Phase 2 and needs more food including a wider variety of fruits and vegetables and of course higher amounts of calories, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. So I decided to share a few ways you could adapt many of the meals and HCG Phase 2 recipes from the HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbooks Volume 1 and 2 into meals your whole family can enjoy.

First of all, when adapting the recipes from the HCG Diet Gourmet Cookbook for the family, make sure to adjust the amount of sodium and spices to your personal taste. You may not require four times as much cayenne pepper or Bragg’s in a family recipe than cooking for a single serving. It may also take more time to cook. So just make those adjustments as you go and be a little flexible with your cooking style and you will soon be a master of expanding your Phase 2 meal to feed the whole family.

First thing, make sure to keep track of your 100 grams of protein. You can cook everything together as long as you know how much to take out for your HCG Phase 2 meal. You can also cook a lean roast in a crock pot or the oven. Just make sure it is super lean and that you trim it down to 100 gram increments. For example: an 800 gram beef roast would cook down into 8 equal 100 gram servings when cooked together. You could then take out your 100 gram serving and serve the rest to your family.

The Primary strategy to cooking meals for own HCG Phase 2 simultaneously with your family’s meals is to cook the protein servings together (make sure your cooking methods are fat free) take out your own food portion, then add extras and sides to satisfy your family.

Add sides: To expand out an HCG Diet Meal to include your family, you can add healthy side dishes your family will enjoy. A big, hearty salad made from lots of veggies, extra protein, and dressings, A side dish of rice, potatoes, or vegetables, toast or rolls.

Add extra ingredients.

After you remove your portion, toss in extra protein for variety and flavor! Add beans or rice to Chili or soups. Add steamed corn, other vegetables, or bacon to soups or casseroles. Drizzle in some olive oil or add butter or coconut oil to add healthy fats and extra calories your non-dieting dear family members need for good health.

Top it. After you remove your serving of the Phase 2 HCG Diet Meal, top your family’s portion with extras like cheese, chopped or steamed vegetables, sour cream, or croutons. You can then bake it, broil it for a few minutes or just serve it up.

Remember that your family isn’t on the diet so make sure they have healthy snacks and enough variety, healthy fats and calories. But do ask that they support you on your HCG Phase 2 by keeping the junk food and temptations out of the house. There is nothing more beautiful than a good meal shared with loved ones. Isn’t it nice that you now have a few ideas to keep up a family tradition of togetherness at dinnertime.

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