Happy Thanksgiving from HCG Recipes What are You Thankful For?

It’s a special time of year for me and one of my favorite seasons. I celebrate the Joy of the season with the smell of Autumn leaves, hot cinnamon tea and a warm fire in the fireplace. But most of all… I take time to think of Thanksgiving and what am I grateful for in my life. I like to make a list 🙂

My family and my home

The HCG Diet and my weight loss!

The letters of success from dieters that I get to read

Cooking up something delicious and amazing in my little kitchen (Lately I’m playing with totally delish P3 HCG recipes!!!)

My hammock and taking a little “Me” time in the afternoons

Good friends and a warm hug

So what are you thankful for? I like to write it out in a journal sometimes just to remind myself how grateful and lucky I am.

If you’re dieting through this holiday season I’ll leave you with a few words of encouragement and advice. Stay focused on your diet and be thankful for your progress and success. Think about the future, your healthier slimmer body, and having more energy and more to give to the ones you love. Be thankful for the changes in your life and body that are happening now.

Happy Thanksgiving!
All the best,



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