Well folks, just got back from a nice vacation and was inspired to write about restaurant dining on P2 and P3.  The good news is… it can be done.   P2 is a bit more challenging however so I’m offering a few tips here to help you avoid the pitfalls and enjoy the experience.

P2:  Have a salad with grilled chicken breast, steak, etc.  Keep it simple, avoid mixing veggies (spinach salad, mixed greens, or tomatoes)

Ask for you chicken on steak to be grilled plain.  Avoid marinades, sauces, etc.  Top with lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Carry packets of stevia with you and enjoy a cool iced tea with lemon or  hot coffee or tea with your meal (1 TBS of milk is allowed)

Order a sparkling mineral water (add flavored liquid stevia if you like to make a soda)

Choose organic or natural restaurants if possible.  You less likely to get processed meats or vegetables.

P3: Avoid most sauces and gravies.  Many restaurants have sugary sweet sauces and thickeners that can mess up your diet if you’re not careful.

Exercise caution with Salad dressings and condiments.  Check the labels if possible or stick with a simple vinegar (avoid Balsamic vinegar due to the sugar content) and oil dressing.

Avoid the bread, potatoes, or starchy sides and order extra vegetables instead.  Feel free to top the veggies with butter, spices, salt and pepper, and lemon juice.

Any proteins and most fats and oils are acceptable.  Again, watch out for sugary marinades and order your steak or chicken as natural as possible.

Order fresh fruit for desert.

An HCG dieter author friend of mine is working on a full length book detailing the best ways to dine out while on the HCG diet so I’ll keep you all posted when its available.  Best advice I can give while dining out is to stick to the basics and when in doubt… don’t order it.  Shift your focus from the food to socializing and having fun with your family and friends.  As you move through this diet and on to the rest of your life you will find yourself changing inside and out.  A new and healthier lifestyle awaits!